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Filipinos looking for a strong, honest, intelligent leader - BOSES Pilipinas

QUEZON CITY - Filipinos believe that the three most important character traits in a candidate are “provides strong leadership, honest, and intelligent”, a recent Boses, Opinyon, Siyasat, at Siyensya para sa Pilipinas (BOSES Pilipinas) survey shows.

Based on their Voter Insights on the 2022 National Elections (VINE) survey, 69% said they prefer candidates who provide strong leadership while 55% said it is important that a candidate is honest. Being intelligent ranked as the third most desirable trait in a candidate for 42% of respondents.

“The results of this survey can really help Filipinos in evaluating their candidates. Do their preferred candidates really fit the image they have in mind of a good Filipino leader? And hopefully with this framework, they would seek credible information about the candidates whom they think fit the qualities they aspire for,” BOSES Pilipinas Convenor Dr. Imelda Deinla explained.

“Kilatasin natin ng husto ang mga kandidato kung sila ba talaga ang strong, honest, at intelligent leader na kailangan ng mga Pilipino. Do their qualifications and experiences fit these traits?” she added.

BOSES Pilipinas asked 1,500 respondents nationwide in an online survey from November 29 to December 14, 2021 to choose from a list the top three character traits that are most important for them in voting for a candidate. (Note: Refer below the attached data narrative for more details on the methodology used)

Aside from the top three character traits, 37% of respondents also said they want someone who gets things done and 33% said they want someone who is morally upright. Nineteen percent (19%) said they prefer a compassionate leader.

“With all the noise in media and social media platforms – as well as the highly-curated portrayal of the candidates in their campaigns, it is really important to ask the Filipino voters the qualities they are looking for in the candidates. Thus, we ask in the survey what are the character traits they would like to see in a candidate, rather than ask them first why they prefer this one candidate over the others,” Dr. Deinla explained.

“Apart from how they see the candidate’s position on certain issues, the voters also have certain images of the personal qualities and abilities of candidates that also form part of their voting decisions. This survey shows what is the Filipinos’ image of the leader they want,” Dr. Deinla added.