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Boses, Opinyon, Siyasat, at Siyensya para sa Pilipinas (BOSES Pilipinas) is the first university-based opinion and survey research unit established in the Philippines that aims to advance empirical, interdisciplinary, and policy-oriented studies of public opinion on democracy, governance, and development. Composed of a multi-disciplinary team of experts from various universities and institutions, it aims to provide stronger evidence and information to secure the Filipino’s voice on significant public policy issues through innovative methodologies.


Boses, Opinyon, Siyasat, at Siyensya para sa Pilipinas (BOSES Pilipinas) is the first university-based opinion research and survey unit in the Philippines, which aspires to bridge societal divides through studies and polls that increase the understanding of Filipinos’ opinions, perceptions, attitudes, and behavior.


Our principal mission is to help unite societal rifts through

a deeper understanding of what drives them. In particular:

Conducting deep, evidence-based and interdisciplinary research into public perceptions, opinions, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior towards key public policy issues, such as what underpins public satisfaction and support in an era of social media, misinformation and fake news

Developing rigorous research methodologies to advance and complement public opinion polling and surveys, such as using appropriate
qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research

Fostering academic and policy collaboration, by working with academic and policy communities within and beyond the Philippines, and ensuring transparency and accountability in our work

Ensuring and protecting the independent voice of the Filipino people guaranteed through a democratic space.

Assisting in empowering Filipinos in democratic governance through stronger evidence and information by providing a platform for
contributing their voice – and feedback, in policy discussions

Ensuring independence in research, by providing open and free access to our findings and data (unless on temporary embargo of
sensitive data), excluding politician’s commissions and donations


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