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Building Inclusive Democracies in ASEAN.

February 2019

Building Inclusive Democracies in ASEAN

Containing the latest research and insights of academics and development practitioners pursuing political and economic reforms in the ASEAN region, Building Inclusive Democracies in ASEAN recognizes that a well-functioning democracy is part of what ultimately fosters inclusive growth and development. Inequitable access to democratic processes and mechanisms produce government policies and initiatives that are inconsistent with the needs of the majority.


April 18, 2019

ASOG Working Paper 19-005

Ronald U. Mendoza
Miann S. Banaag
Michael Henry Ll. Yusingco


December 14, 2016

ASOG Working Paper 17-004

Ronald U. Mendoza

Jude Ocampo

Library Books

December 15, 2016

ASOG Working Paper 17-001
Tristan A. Canare

Mario Antonio Lopez

Ronald U. Mendoza


September 19, 2017

Critical Perspectives on Federeralism for Regional Development

Proceedings of the Third Annual Public Policy Conference 2017

Philippine Institute for Development Studies

Miann S. Banaag, Ronald U. Mendoza, and John E. Peñalosa


April 2, 2019

ASOG Working Paper 19-004

Michael Henry Ll. Yusingco
Sophiya M. Navarro

Piles of Books

January 15, 2019

ASOG Working Paper 17-003
Ronald U. Mendoza
Miann S. Banaag

Federal Phils Corrected Cover 12.jpg

January 14, 2017

Eduardo Araral, Jr., Paul D. Hutchcroft, Gilberto M. Llanto, Jonathan E. Malaya,
Ronald U. Mendoza, Julio C. Teehankee

Ateneo de Manila University Press | 2017


November 16, 2018

ASOG Working Paper 18-008

Ronald U. Mendoza

Jerome Patrick D. Cruz

Michael Henry Ll. Yusingco

Holding a Book

December 14, 2016

ASOG Working Paper 17-002
Ronald U. Mendoza

Rosechin Olfindo

Louisa Camille Poco

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