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Profiling Sensitivity to Online Incivility Results Narrative

Conducted by the Ateneo School of Government, the Profiling Sensitivity to Online Incivility study conceptualizes sensitivity to online incivility as an individual’s perception of the presence or absence of incivility in given statements.

With more than 315,000 survey respondents nationwide, the study uncovered that threats are easier to be congruently detected as uncivil while character assassination appears to be the easiest to overlook, thereby misjudging supposedly uncivil messages containing such a form of incivility as civil.

Moreover, the study also showed that individuals may have been so desensitized to its presence that they tend to miss this form of incivility given the extent of preponderance of character assassination as a form of incivility.

Disclaimer: This study was conducted online by the Ateneo School of Government, through non-partisan, pro-democracy coalition PARTICIPATE, from 20 April 2022 to 29 April 2022. Participants of the study are composed of 315,000 individuals nationwide across socio-economic classifications, age groups, and educational attainment. The researchers used random sampling with quotas based on the 2015 National Census of Population of the Philippine Statistics Authority.


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