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LSIG launches its policy forum series on enhancing electoral integrity

Researchers presented their policy recommendations in the La Salle Institute of Governance (LSIG)’s policy forum titled "Covid-proofing the 2022 Elections: Lessons and Recommendations for Electoral Administration" last December 3, 2021.

“There is a need to adopt measures that limit physical contact, promote physical distancing, encourage the use of virtual platforms, and setting of health standards in designated campaign areas and activities,” LSIG lead policy research specialist Ian Hecita said in the virtual forum.

Gerardo Eusebio, professional lecturer at De La Salle University, also emphasized the need for minimum health safety protocols during the conduct of the 2022 polls.

“In-person campaigns for national candidates should be more strictly limited if not outright banned so that cross-territorial infections can be avoided,” Eusebio said in the same forum.

He also added that quarantine alert level of the area should be considered in establishing protocols for campaigning at the local level.

The virtual policy forum was the first in a series of policy forums organized by LSIG, in partnership with pro-democracy coalition PARTICIPATE and the Ateneo School of Government, that will serve as avenues for presenting and discussing policy briefs related to the upcoming 2022 elections. It was attended by at least 300 participants across the country attended the activity, including representatives from government institutions, academe, civil society organizations, and media.

The presenters and discussants during the open forum

The policy forum organizing team together with the presenters and discussants


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