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Virtual workshops to be launched in prep for 2022 polls

To promote citizen participation and informed voting ahead of 2022 Philippine elections, the La Salle Institute of Governance will launch virtual knowledge workshops this January 2021.

LSIG to welcome 2021 with a series of activities that promotes citizen participation and informed voting for the 2022 Philippine National Elections.

Gearing up for 2021, the La Salle Institute of Governance (LSIG) Project Team conducted a virtual action planning workshop last November 5-6. This virtual workshop focused on the major activities for the first 2 years of implementation of the Participate Project.

A series of virtual knowledge workshops on strengthening citizen participation in the 2022 elections is scheduled for the first half of next year. The first online workshop entitled “The 2022 Elections and the Pandemic: Emerging Policy Research Questions” is scheduled on January 15, 2021 with Director James Jimenez of Commission on Elections as the invited main speaker.

Other topics of the knowledge workshop series include youth participation, citizen monitoring, and civic technologies and political participation.

LSIG also plans to implement policy forum series and youth caravans to engage various civic groups and promote informed voting on the latter half of 2021 until the election day.


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