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Beyond the Ballot: Summary Recommendations on Political and Electoral Reforms

Summary Recommendations on Political and Electoral Reforms for Strengthening Democratic Spaces

Organized by the Ateneo School of Government, through non-partisan, pro-democracy coalition PARTICIPATE, the following areas for reform and recommendations are results from the conducted Regional Consultation Series on Political and Electoral Reforms conducted from October 2022 to November 2022. The coalition partnered with different organizations to organize consultations with local election stakeholders and civil society organizations, and sectoral representatives regarding political and electoral reforms in various parts of the country.

These regional consultations were designed and aimed to strengthen and sustain collaborative partnerships with groups advocating for greater political participation and electoral reform. The selected areas for the regional consultations were either vote-rich areas or areas with unique and different contexts in terms of election experience, especially the vulnerable sectors that will contribute to the generation of quality information useful in the formulation of policy and legislative reform measures. The discussions in these regional consultation series generated a more representative approach to developing durable solutions in the areas of political and electoral reforms.

Aside from the consultation with local stakeholders, PARTICIPATE also conducted a series of Omnibus Election Code Review and Analysis Sessions with lawyers and political science experts. The objectives and outputs are still the same, however, these sessions are more focused discussions on certain provisions of the different laws on elections.

As there are several areas that need to be looked into and reviewed in terms of electoral and political reforms, PARTICIPATE identified four (4) main areas to focus the discussions on. These areas were based on the most prevalent issues in terms of the discussion on this topic.

  • Campaign Finance

  • Civic Education and Voter Engagement

  • Voter Registration and Verification

  • Political Party Development

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