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DLSU Virtual Workshop - Opening Remarks

JAN. 15, 2021

Opening Remarks of Project Participate Deputy Chief of Party Lorraine Dorotan at the Virtual Workshop on the 2022 Elections and the Pandemic: Emerging Policy Research Issues

Good afternoon, everyone. It is a great pleasure to see you all at the beginning of the year, and I would like to extend my warmest regards and Happy New Year to you.

On behalf of the De La Salle University Institute of Governance, Philippine Society for Public Administration, and the Ateneo School of Government, I would like to welcome all of you to our virtual workshop entitled “The 2022 Elections and the Pandemic: Emerging Policy Research Issues and Challenges.”

To say that 2020 was a challenging year would be an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted and shook the foundations of our society, and proved that good governance and leadership are key in leading programs and solutions for citizens. With the Philippine National and Local Elections only less than 15 months away, we have an opportunity and responsibility to participate in events such as this to discuss emerging issues and challenges related to the elections.

That said, now more than ever, it is important that we start the conversation and engage all sectors in preparing, conducting, and ensuring that we will be having safe, fair, and free elections in 2022.

That is why I am pleased to share with you that we will be kicking off Participate which is a consortium with members from the academe and civil society organizations. Participate is a non-partisan non-profit movement dedicated to engage and empower the political participation of the Filipino people. Together with the DLSU Institute of Governance, the Ateneo School of Government, NAMFREL, CODE-NGO, and IDEALS, the consortium will be leading initiatives to strengthen citizen oversight of electoral processes, enhance the availability and accessibility of information to promote informed voting, and support electoral and political reforms and constituency building. In the months ahead, we, as a consortium, will be organizing events, publishing research articles, launching information campaigns through social media, and advocating electoral reforms.

Everyone, the game's afoot. The long but worthwhile road to a better nation starts today. We encourage you to continue to participate.

Thank you for spending your Friday afternoon with us.

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